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Why Do Some People Quit Online Learning Midway?

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A recent study reported that out of the 60,000 students who took up a course on Astronomy by the Duke University, only 3.5% managed to complete it. This has become quite the norm across the eLearning industry- while students join in large numbers, only a few manage to complete. Here are some reasons why some choose to quit midway and probable solutions to help them complete the course:

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Time- consuming:

Online learning offers the flexibility to learn from anywhere and at anytime, but it also needs time and commitment. Students who join online courses are tempted by the first aspect, but fail to consider the second. This is especially true of working professionals struggling to keep up with work and academic commitments. However, time can be managed effectively with a little help from tutors like Online Class Help 911. You can hire them to take my online class

Overwhelming schedule:

A typical online course involves tests, readings, video lectures, homework assignments, and quizzes that have tight deadlines you cannot afford to miss. This often overwhelms students because they’re always jumping from one deadline to another. You can always solve this problem by getting someone to do your homework. Subject matter experts can help you write essays, complete assignments and even take tests for you. This gives you enough time to focus on all your assignments without failing a deadline.

Hidden Costs:

Online courses are perceived to be cheaper to conventional learning. Some hidden costs include textbooks, buying stipulated software, etc. Here again, you can save by hiring an expert to do your homework for you. These experts have access to almost all the textbooks recommended by accredited colleges and help you save money.

Despite the high dropout rates, online learning is here to stay. Millions of students see them as an opportunity to add value to their CV and enhance their skills.