Online Assignments

Types of Online Assignments

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Online Assignments

Online courses have been popular for some time now because of the flexibility and convenience that they offer. Students in an online course are assessed on the basis of several assignment tasks and tests. Some of the common tasks include:

Reading Assignments:

Students are asked to read a few chapters of a lesson or watch videos about a concept. They are then are expected to read or watch the video and complete a quiz based on the reading material. They are free to complete the assignment at their own pace, provided the test is taken before a set due date.


Unlike classroom-based tests, online tests are held virtual using proctoring services. Students can log in from anywhere to take their test. A specially designed computer program helps to detect cheating or other malpractices.

Discussion Boards:

This is a very important aspect of online learning and is intended to replace the classroom-based learning process. At the end of every learning session, the instructor opens up a topic of discussion in a group forum. Students are expected to contribute individually and comment on other student responses as well. The instructor lays down ground rules such as word limit, scope of topic, etc. to ensure that the discussion does not go off-topic.

Research Papers:

Research papers help students understand a subject in-depth. Students are expected to submit original research and include proper citations to avoid plagiarism.

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