Tips To Stay Organized In College With A Bullet Journal

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Bullet Journal

Ah! College! That magical time of your life when you transition from a sheltered high school kid to an adult responsible for your studies, budgeting and living away from home. College can be pretty hectic and chaotic, especially when you’re trying to balance a fully-packed academic and social schedule while still trying to have a little fun.

Staying organized in college is a huge challenge. Let me present you with one of my favorite organization methods: the humble bullet journal. Let’s dive right into the topic without further ado:

What Is A Bullet Journal?

If you’re not a planning enthusiast, you’re probably wondering what a bullet journal is? Here’s the quick answer: a bullet journal is one of the most versatile planners. The beauty of the bullet journal is that it can be anything you want.

A bullet journal is a blank notebook that you fill with your schedules, goal markers, habit trackers, to-do lists, diary entries, and more. There are many ways to use a bullet journal to organize your academic and social life. Here we walk you through the process of getting started with bullet journaling. Hope it inspires you to begin your own and stay on track.

Ideas To Use Bullet Journals To Organize Your College Schedules

Homework assignments

  • Semester overview calendar: This page gives you a complete idea of the critical dates for the entire semester at a glance. Include items like quizzes, essays, assignments, exam dates and more. You can color-code each subject so that you can track it quickly.
  • Weekly schedule: This page helps track your weekly classes, lectures and other academic programs. This is a great way to have your schedule right at hand instead of trying to memorize it. Break up your day from 8 am to 8 pm. Use the same colors as the semester overview page to quickly track each class for the day.
  • Assignment tracker: Create a separate assignment tracker for each subject for the entire semester. This gives you a clear idea of the assignments in each subject so that you don’t miss out on the deadlines.
  • Attendance tracker: Some colleges award extra credits for regular attendance. Having an attendance tracker ensures that you don’t miss out on too many classes.
  • Homework assignments: Just like an assignment tracker, you can have a separate page for homework with due dates so that you don’t fall behind on your homework assignments.
  • Daily spread: If you have the space available, you can create a daily spread. Prepare this page the previous night before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up. Include a to-do list for the day, sleep and food diary. You can also include a gratitude section to record something awesome that happened daily.
  • Project/study planner: Use this page to plan for your exams. Once you have the exam date, block specific days to revise each subject. Then write the topics you want to complete each day.
  • Other helpful pages: Besides academics, you can also use the bullet journal to track your weekly/monthly budget, food habits, sleep hours, etc.

College life is hectic. Between classes, work, friends and fun, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Bullet journals are an easy and efficient way to track your to-do’s, schedule, assignments and more. Give it a try and get back on track!

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