Tips For Having A Balanced Digital Life

Tips For Having A Balanced Digital Life

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Balanced Digital Life

We live in a world where digital distractions compete for our attention, stopping us from experiencing life. We like to believe in our ability to multitask, but step into any classroom and you’ll find students busy with their phones not listening to the professor. How many times have you found yourself distracted by social media updates while researching for an essay? If you’d like to fix this, here are some things you should do:

Spend Your Mornings Wisely

Don’t spend the first few hours of the day checking email, text, social media notifications, or voicemail unless you’re in an emergency situation. If digital devices rule you, then it means that you have not designed a proper balance. If you can’t give yourself an hour in the morning, then you are addicted to a machine. No one should control your first hour, except you. You lose the day because you’re in a reactive state. You respond to people’s needs, their priorities, and the things they’re pushing at you. Start living your day by analyzing your needs and actions that change your life.

Don’t Check Your Phone In The Last Hour Of The Day

People are lying in bed and looking at Facebook or other social media sites. And then, they end up worrying about the reasons for not getting sleep. They’re firing off the neuro-hormones in their brain right before they go to sleep. Spend your last hour without looking at anything digital. This ensures that you get undisturbed sleep and helps you stay productive throughout the week.

Don’t Use Digital Devices When Interacting With Humans

Pay complete attention to people when interacting with them – do not glance at your mobile phone, especially while they’re speaking. If you are at dinner with your friends, turn off the phone. If you are in the street, conversing with a friend whom you haven’t met for a long, don’t look at your gadget. You are robbing yourself of the magic in a relationship – the creative engagement, the joy, the love, and the connection between people. Allow the time in a relationship to be real.

Experiment Something New

Every week, get a book and go to a coffee shop for at least an hour with no digital devices. Get some coffee, look at the people around you, and then start reading your book. All you have to do is to connect with the art of reconnecting with life. You could also experiment with something out of intellectual curiosity. Dedicate yourself an hour every day to discover something new. If you require any academic support to free up this time, don’t hesitate to hire online class help tutors. Paying someone to take online class is an excellent solution for providing quality results.

Go For A Walk

Go for a walk as often as you can. Look at things around you. It’s tough to have artistic or innovative thoughts with constant interruptions and distractions.

You deserve to have a life that’s less plugged-in and less addictive. Share your thoughts with us and let us know if our tips have helped you.