Stupid Ways To Cheat On A Test

Stupid Ways To Cheat On A Test

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Have you seen the viral videos from India showing parents scaling the walls of schools to help their children cheat on tests? There’s no limit to what overzealous parents can do, but this is just wild. Here are some other stupid ways to cheat on a test:

Handing in a former student’s assignment:

All it takes is five minutes for the instructor to plug in a few sentences and find records of the previously submitted assignment. Colleges have electronic records of old tests. And for paper tests, you might be surprised to find out that professors have good memories.

Copying directly from the internet:

This is definitely one of the laziest ways to cheat on a test. Copy-pasting content from the internet may seem easy, but it takes less than 2 minutes for the instructor to find out if your content was lifted from another source. If you have referenced facts, quotes, or ideas, make sure you acknowledge the source with proper citations.

Writing answers on your hands:

Why is this method stupid? Because you are directing attention towards yourself every time you look for an answer. The professor or proctor is definitely going to be wondering what’s so interesting on your palm.

The Google doc collaboration:

Students create a shared Google doc and paste questions along with the right/wrong answers. They take the test one at the time, allowing others to refer to the study material for the correct answer. Nowadays most online classes have software that doesn’t allow this. If you need help with an online test, don’t bother with a friend. Try our service instead!

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