Balance College and Work Life

How to Balance College and Work Life

Balance College and Work Life

When you’re trying to balance work and school, time is always a major constraint. If you’re overwhelmed with your academic responsibilities, here are a few tips to help.

Establish Your Priorities:

Make a list of things that are important and a list of those that are not. Organizing things makes us efficient and saves time. You have to make sure that you’re focusing on tasks that are important and relevant to your goals.

Know Your Needs:

Wake up early and maximize your time to accomplish important things on your to-do list. Make sure to know the exam time of day when you’re best prepared to tackle a difficult project.

Take Care of Yourself:

Make sure that you get rest. If you don’t get enough sleep or you don’t find time to exercise, then you’re not going to able to accomplish much of anything. Plan your meals so that you can eat healthily.

Complete Easy Tasks Before Hard Ones:

In between completing large or difficult projects, do your small or lightweight assignments, like editing, reading, or studying for a quiz. This will provide a good balance to your study life.

Be Flexible with Your Schedule:

You’re going to face difficulties. You may have an assignment that’s due in a few hours. To succeed you have to plan ahead and adapt to difficult situations. Ensure that you’re going to devote quality time to urgent tasks that need your undivided attention.

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Flashcards To Study

Flash Cards: How To Make And Use Them To Improve Your Grades?

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Flash cards are incredible learning tools because they promote active recall, the process of actively retrieving memories out of your brain. Here are six rules for both making better flashcards and studying them more effectively.

CreateYour Own Flash Cards

In most cases, it’s going to be much more effective if you design your own flashcards. One of the most integral parts of learning is the process of taking-in information and understating them better on your own. These flashcards are going to build strong neural pathways and are different from the neural pathways of somebody else. If you take pre-made cards of others and not putting any of your own efforts, then you don’t always gain the full benefits of using the flashcards.

Add Pictures And Words

There’s a principle called picture superiority effect which describes how humans remember images and pictures much better than words. Written language is a system of the arbitrary symbol. Our brains are very sensitive to images. By adding pictures to your flashcards, you can make them a lot more memorable. You can also printout pictures from the internet and glue them directly to the flash cards.

Break Down Complex Concepts Into Simple Questions

Let’s say you’re trying to learn the different groupings of elements on the periodic table. There are a lot of them like alkali metals, transition metals, noble gases, etc. Make separate flashcards that highlight each grouping for better memory recall.

Now that you know some of the best practices for making your flashcards, it’s time to learn how to study them.

Say Your Answers Out Loud

This is just a way to you avoid the illusions of competence. Make sure you actually know the answer.

Study Both Sides Of Your Cards

This is a way of creating neural pathways in your brain that work in both directions. If you’re asked either side of a question, you’ll be able to trace that neural pathway back to the answer.

Realize That Flash Cards Are Not The Only Solution

They’re just one method of reviewing material used in a specific situation. You have to know the right circumstances to use them. A lot of information that ties into an overall visual hierarchy can be learned very well using a flashcard. So choose wise topics that fit the flashcard learning method.

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Inventions Used For Education Before The Rise Of Computers

Inventions Used For Education Before The Rise Of Computers

Inventions Used For Education Before The Rise Of Computers

Right from the time when we scribbled on rock stones to times when we use VR and AR – technology has advanced unimaginably. It has changed the way we learn things.

Here’s a brief look at the early inventions used in education:

The Horn Book – 1650

In the sixteenth century, English monks invented the hornbook with a sheet of paper with alphabets and verses glued to the wooden paddle. Paper was very expensive those days. So they used cow’s horn to protect it. It helped them to read and write alphabets, numbers as well as to study the Lord’s Prayers.

Ferule – 1850

Wood made pointer widened at the end was used to point as well as punish students.

Magic Lantern – 1870

Magic Lantern, the predecessor of projectors, was used to project still and moving objects printed on glass. It is usually shown to students in dark rooms.

School Slate – 1890

A small thin sized blackboard used by students to practice writings. Students use slate pencils to write arithmetic calculations. It can be quickly erased with the help of a sponge.

Blackboard – 1890

A simple wooden- framed instrument is usually mounted on the wall. Using a chalk piece, teachers draw diagrams and teach lessons for better understanding.

Pencil – 1900

Small chunks of pure graphite were inserted in between hollow wooden sticks. It is used to write and draw images on a piece of paper.

Stereoscope – 1905

The stereoscope is an optical instrument used to view images in three-dimensional form. Wheatstone stereoscope, Brewster stereoscope, and Holmes stereoscope were some of the familiar inventions in the early 1900s.

Film Projector – 1925

Film Projector is the first machine to project pictures onto a white screen with movements. The mechanism consists of Edison’s kinetoscope sprocket mounted upon a mutilated gear.

Radio – 1925

Radios are a powerful medium to transmit information. The first organization to use radio for educating students were New York City’s Board of Education. It gradually gave rise to “schools of the air” which broadcast education to thousands of American students.

Ballpoint Pen – 1940

A writing instrument that dispenses ink while moving the metal ball of the pen. It helped replace the use of pencils for adults.

Mimeograph – 1940

The early Xerox machine used to make photocopies by forcing ink onto paper. It helps to print in small quantities for schools and office purpose.

Headphones – 1950

Headphones were invented for communication purpose. Schools began to install listening labs. With the help of headphones and audio tapes, students could repeat the sound for easy understanding.

Slide Rule – 1950

Before the invention of electronic calculators, people used slide rules for computing things. A ruler with logarithmic scales in the 17th century was primarily used for multiplication and division.

Reading Accelerator – 1957

An adjustable, simple device used to tamp down the pages of a book for gaining efficiency while reading.

Educational Television – 1958

In the early 60s, educational television telecast 50 channel shows for learning purpose. It gave rise to distance education.

The Hand-Held Calculator – 1970

A six-inch portable device invented to perform important necessary mathematical calculations. It helped to calculate quickly and accurately without working it on paper.

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why Do Most Students Consider History As A Boring Subject

Why Do Most Students Consider History As A Boring Subject

why History Consider As A Boring Subject

History is often considered a boring subject. This is probably because of Memorization.

Micheal Thomas, a Linguist, said, “Never memorize and never try to remember! What you memorize, you’ll forget. What you understand, you’ll always remember!”.

Memorization is super boring. Most students learn history by rote. It does not help during an exam. It robs your happiness away and makes you feel stressed. Memorizing dates, places, events, and names of prominent people can be boring. Rote learning is a barrier to productivity.

One of our clients, Aiden, says, “I memorized dates and events for my history exam. Sadly, my mind went blank during the test. I was disappointed with my history class.”

Problems With Rote Learning

• The more you learn by rote, the more likely you will fail miserably

You can memorize historical facts and events to get good grades. But rote learning doesn’t help for challenging assessments.

• The More You Learn By Rote, The More Likely You Will Forget

Students often study to get through the assessments and fail to understand the subject. Once you have passed the exam, almost half of the memorized stuff seems disappeared.

The blame also lies with the university’s approach towards teaching the subject. For example, Online history lecture notes are often long and tedious. They’re insipid and not read-worthy. Video lectures can be monotonous and often explained superficially.

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How To Succeed In An Online Economics Course

How To Succeed In An Online Economics Course

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Economics is all about decision-making, analytical and critical thinking. It helps you to decide how much to save, how to spend and invest money. An economics course is crucial for those interested in a career in finance:

Here are a few tips to succeed in an economics class

Do not Memorize

Economics is not about memorizing all the things you have read in books. If you learn by rote, facts that you have learned will be forgotten in a couple of months. So, don’t waste your time by rote learning.

The course mainly teaches economic principles related to consumer demand, and determination of prices of goods, and factors of production in different markets. You can’t apply these principles in real-world by memorizing, but only through understanding.

Study practically

Learn for an hour and surf for 2 hours on the internet on research. Watch videos on YouTube for better understanding.

Do course assessments regularly

Economic theories cannot be studied a day prior to the test – you need time to understand its practical implications. If you take the class without completing pending homework assignments, you will be lost. Do all your assessments regularly. They are not meant to irritate you but helps you to understand new economics skills, and to prepare you for the semester.

Study keenly

Read the assigned readings again and again till you grasp the point. If you take the class without a clear understanding of the previous topic, you are likely to get lost. Spent time in reading discussion posts or course materials.

Ask questions

Demand an answer to a question in live chat if you don’t understand something. Don’t hesitate to ask a question. If you have doubt, it is very likely that some of your peers have the same, but don’t dare to ask. If nobody asks questions, your instructor assumes that everyone understands the material, and will go on to the next topic.

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How To Choose The Right Major

How To Choose The Right Major

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Choosing the right online degree program can be challenging. The main reason students struggle in their online classes is that they have opted for a major that doesn’t suit their interest. That’s why they come to us asking: Can you take my online class?

It is up to you to choose your academic path. Find something that inspires you and gives you a vision for your future. While your major may not lead directly to a career, you should think about how it could. The sooner you start considering these things, the better off you will be.

Take the time to review what skills you have. If you are good at analyzing data, perhaps a math or science major is right for you. If you enjoy writing or thinking about big ideas, maybe you belong in the humanities.

If you are not sure what you want to study, surprise yourself by picking classes in subjects you are not familiar with.If you don’t like the classes you’re currently taking, change it up. Only by experimenting will you find what really works for you.

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