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How To Make Every Employer Want To Hire You As An Intern?

why every Employer like to hire as intern

An internship is an extremely valuable part of your college experience. Not many students understand that a simple summer internship could even land them their dream job in their dream company. What are the three essentials to remember when applying for internship?


Before the end of your course, you are likely to have a broad range of experiences and skills. However, you should summarize them in a way that will inspire your employers to hire you as an intern. How to tailor your resume so as to fit into the position you’re applying: the effect of tailoring your resume is massive. Read the job description carefully. Identify their requirements and make your resume sound exactly like what they’re looking. For inspiration and help, hire online class help tutors to write stellar resumes.

Cover Letter

In addition to a resume, create an impressive cover letter to go along with it. Don’t be like every average candidate submitting resumes. Go for the extra mile by stressing on why you want the position. Highlight the best points from your resume for paragraphs two and three. Do not restate what your resume says. Instead, elaborate on how your experiences would make you a valuable asset to the company. End the letter, by politely requesting for an interview and thank them for the consideration as well as show them how excited you are to hear from them.

Personal Brand

One of the first things recruiters do before they hire you is to look your name up on the internet. Are you on LinkedIn? Do you have your own website? Do things that help people understand that you are passionate about the subject. Here are a few steps to maximize your online presence.

Join LinkedIn: A social network to connect with professionals and ask for informational interviews. You can highlight your volunteer roles, organizations you’re in, and showcase your work experiences by publishing blogs. You can also have members to endorse you as well as write recommendations for you.

Clean All Social Media: Too many people don’t get hired because of what they post online. Remove anything that might be a red flag to an employer.

Create Your Own Personal Brand: With the website, you’ll be more impressive to the recruiter’s eye than the 80% of the other applicants. Sites like WordPress, Strikingly,, and Squarespace can help you build your website. Once done, add your website link to your email signature for others to learn more about you from your website.

After you finish creating your cover letter and website, ask for feedback from trusted friends.


• A resume is important, but it is the bare minimum. So write an attractive one to impress your recruiters.

• A cover letter should complement why you want the position rather than duplicating your resume.

• Build online presence to stand out from the crowd.

None of this is about perfection. It’s all about taking that first step for being the best in today’s competitive world.

How To Learn Something Faster

How To Learn Something Faster And Become Good At It?

How To Learn Something Faster

You need to make consistent efforts to become a high performer. Have a broader vision of who you are and what you want to do in your life. Follow these points to learn faster.

Know What To Learn:

Master learners are always profoundly attached to their missions. If you want to be a great learner, connect your learning goals with your dream life. While we’re always curious about wanting to learn new things, we seldom end actually learning something. It’s because that we don’t have a strong desire or motivation to stay on track. Advanced learning requires clear focus and reason to learn anything in depth. So to learn faster, figure out your purpose and direction in life.

Look For Examples:

The strategy to learn something new is to explore the work of others. Trying new stuff can actually slow down your learning process. Learning from other’s experiences helps you learn faster.


Once you learn what they have already done, the third step is to practice consistently. For example, if you’ve set yourself up for a challenge to learn a new language in thirty days, you should pratice speaking it as much as you can. The key to mastering something lies in practice.

Ask For Feedback:

The next factor is getting feedback from your mentors, friends, and family. Analyze the comments to make sure that they’re relevant and helpful.

Set A Deadline:

The last point is to set a deadline. It helps you keep momentum and ensures that your tasks are prioritized.

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How To Manage College Assignments

How To Manage College Assignments

How To Manage College Assignments

Assignments play a significant role in practicing and reviewing the study material. It helps students polish their practical skills and increase their learning abilities. But completing homework can lead to stress. Following the 3-Step process can help you manage your assignments:

Make a note of the assignments

Most students assume they can rely on their memory to execute their tasks, but more often than not, they tend to forget or procrastinate. The best thing to do, to avoid such a scenario, is to promptly write down the given assignments in a planner after each class. This routine will guarantee that you do not forget any assignments. Record the due date in the planner and indicate the resources for additional information on the topic.

Transferring the list of Assignments

The next important task after your classes for the day is to copy the list of assignments to a calendar that can hold up to four weeks of assignments. Color-coding each assignment can help keep track of various tests, quizzes and homework and allow you to prioritize the tasks that need attention first. Erase completed tasks on a weekly basis so that you have enough space to record future entries.

Completing and Submitting the Assignment

It is essential to develop discipline to complete assignments on time. Finish the easy ones first so that you have ample time to study and complete difficult subjects. The best solution is to start doing assignments as soon as you get them, thus reducing the risk of forgetting or just starting the night before it’s due. You can seek online class help for difficult subjects or if there are multiple assignments due on the same day. Once completed, place the assignments in the right folder. Remember to check the calendar for assignments that are due the next day.

Plagiarism in Assignment Writing

Plagiarism in Assignment Writing

how to check Plagiarism in Assignment Writing

Plagiarism in the academic world is considered a grave and punishable misdemeanor. Many students today believe that plagiarism is an easy option to complete homework when they are running short of time or are looking for an easy way out. The advent of the Internet has made it all the more tempting since all the information required for an assignment is available at one’s fingertips. Students can easily get lured by the plagiarism trap while researching for a paper, writing an essay or when working on an article.


• Lack of time management skills and procrastination can lead them to believe that plagiarism is the only choice left for last minute assignment completion.

• Poor understanding of plagiarism rules and the related university policies leads to students using it more often.

• Disinterest in studies and assuming the penalties of cheating as inconsequential.

• Acquiring good grades in a difficult subject

• International students having trouble communicating in English

• Dishonorable intentions and overconfidence

• Fear of failure or fear of taking risks in their original work

By using the work of another writer, students who plagiarize get an unfair advantage over others who have worked honestly on their assignments. Such instances show disrespect towards others genuine hard work. If caught in acts of plagiarism, the student may face dire consequences such as zero grades on assignments, tarnished academic reputation and even expulsion from universities. Rather than putting your academic reputation at stake, it’s better to take online class help from the experts! Our tutors have access to some of the best resources in the world. This, along with their experience in academic writing can ensure that you get good grades for your homework. We guarantee 100% original content!

Acquiring a college degree means that you have mastered the skills by going through the paces and completing your research, passing all your papers and exams. Students who plagiarize cannot develop the research and writing skills that are expected of them when they enter the job force. The inferior skills eventually become evident in the work place. It’s best to take an online class and understand how to create original content.

Try These Tips To Beat Procrastination

Try These Tips To Beat Procrastination

Try These Tips To Beat Procrastination

Are you easily distracted? You aren’t alone! Procrastination is one of the most common problems affecting productivity. Whether you are planning to work on an assignment, or preparing for a test, here is how the pomodoro technique can help you tackle procrastination.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a simple time management strategy created by Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique involves focusing on a single task for 25-minutes followed by a five-minute break. The name originates from the Italian word for tomato.

How To Use The Pomodoro Technique?

Step 1: Pick one specific task that you have to deal with.

Step 2: Once you have chosen a task, set a timer for 25 minutes. Work as intensely as you can on that specific project for 25 minutes.

Step 3: You may be tempted to divert your attention towards other tasks while working. Keep a pen and paper handy to note down these tasks so that they can be managed after you are done with the task at hand.

Step 4: Reward your effort with a five minute break at the end of the said 25 minutes. Repeat this at least three time. Take a longer break after you have completed the task, or after four consecutive Pomodoro sessions.

Why Is It Effective?

The technique is effective because of the following three reasons:

• It instills self-discipline. The timer enforces your commitment, thus increases your chances of completing a task. It also helps you keep track of time.

• The technique helps us reframe a task, in the sense that you are asked to focus on input rather than the output. This shift in attitude may seem subtle, but psychologists believe that worrying about the output is one of the main reasons for procrastination.

• Writing about the things that distract you ensures that you don’t swipe them away, but rather acknowledge them and assign due importance when required.

Ways To Improve The Technique

Use these tips to make the technique even more effective:

• You can integrate the Pomodoro Technique with other productivity tools and techniques. For example, Cold Turkey Writer is an application that prevents you from focusing on anything else until the desired word count is reached.

• Before you begin a pomodoro session, adopt a concept from the culinary world. Just as a chef does not begin cooking until he has everything he needs to cook on hand, do not attempt a task until you have the required material to begin a task.

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Overcoming the Fear of Math

Overcoming the Fear of Math

Overcoming the Fear of Math
Math is all about your approach towards problem-solving. Depending on the approach, one may be more successful in the subject than others. Confidence and positive thinking also amount to a great deal when it comes to working with Math. Certain factors that start filling up dread and fear about Math can cause you to lose confidence which leads to avoiding the subject altogether.

Low Self Esteem:

Stereotypes make you assume that your IQ determines how good you are at Math. Interestingly, studies have proved otherwise stating that self-belief and positive thinking can go a long way in improving math performance. And if your confidence is at really low, hire us for MyMathLab homework help!

Early Years:

The Early years in school may play a significant role in setting the stage for Math anxiety. The stress may carry forward in the future, making you feel inept. Revising your earlier syllabus through your old textbooks or taking up a refresher course will help overcome the feeling. While regular math practice should be enough to strengthen your skills, an online class help tutor can fill in for you when you’re struggling to study for a Math test.

Time Consuming:

In today’s fast-paced world, setting aside time for practice is nearly impossible. This may lead to procrastination. The fear can be easily resolved just by acknowledging the fact that it is only a matter of an hour or two, after which you are free to do other things.

Complicated Process:

Study of maths does involve complex formulas, and this may make it seem like a daunting process. Overcome the fear by breaking down the formulas into smaller steps. The steps will ease you into understanding the concepts that make up each element of the formula in parts, thereby helping you to understand it in whole.

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Best way to write your exams

Best way to write your exams

Best way to write your exams

Time management

Time management is the key to success in exams. Spend at least 10 minutes to read the questions. This helps you decide and choose questions that are easier to answer. Do not waste time on a particular question; move on to the next problem. You can come back to the question after you have attempted the remaining paper. Try to attempt all the questions. Do not leave out any question. Read the answers once you have done with the entire paper.


Present your views in a coherent manner. Instructors like answers that answer to the point and address the question. If the answer is long, make subheadings and mark them bold. Do not add irrelevant point and content. Also, do not mark your answers with an irrelevant heading.


Never exceed the word limit nor write under the word count. Some universities require their students to state the word count and penalize students who do not do so.


Poor grammar and punctuation can affect your grades when writing an essay. Follow the citation and referencing guidelines provided by the university. If you’re unsure about the guidelines, hire us! We offer to complete your assignments and essays for you. We’ll take your tests, write essays, manage online discussions, and take quizzes as well. Call us to ask – ‘can you take my online class?’

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Here’s How You Should Stop Stressing And Become Productive

Here’s How You Should Stop Stressing And Become Productive

how to Become Productive

It is not uncommon for online students to be stressed about completing their assignments on time. But is stress taking over your life and preventing you from getting work done? Stress can affect productivity, but it only has as much power as you allow it to have. If you’re struggling to get your work done, follow these tips:

Don’t get caught up:

Stressing yourself out about a test that’s due tomorrow cannot help you get today’s work done. Instead, if you find yourself lagging behind, make a plan to get as many things as you possibly can within a short time. Prioritize the ones that are important and get rid of those that aren’t.

Stay positive:

A negative attitude cannot help you accomplish things. If you are stressed about a particular situation, write it down. What is it? What can you do to get rid of it? What’s the worst case scenario? Writing about the situation can help you face your fears. Writing your problem gives you a different perspective. When you look back and reflect on the problem, you’ll find that the situation wasn’t as bad as you had thought.

Get help:

It is not below your pride to ask for help. Everyone needs help at some point. Even the brightest mind sometimes struggles to complete assignments on time. If you are struggling to complete your homework on time, hire us. Our online class help tutors can help you complete assignments on time. We can help you with complete quizzes, discussion boards, tests, and essays. Call us now if you’d like to hire a tutor.

Why Should You Hire An Online Chemistry Tutor

Why Should You Hire An Online Chemistry Tutor

reason to hire Online Chemistry Tutor

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects for it deals with the composition, properties of substances, and various elementary forms of matter. We also study about kinds of bonds, various elements, and reactions that empowers one with the knowledge of all these. However, most students find it hard to understand. Only an online chemistry tutor can help a student explore the subject in-depth and even help develop a deep interest in it as well.

Tricky Chemistry Concepts that Flummox Students

The following topics are quite difficult in chemistry, and most students are confused by these concepts:

• Matter and its structure

• Salt Analysis

• Types of chemical bonds and their properties

• Thermodynamics and kinetics

• Chemical equilibrium

Students often struggle to complete chemistry assignments. Some even fail due to poor scores in exams and quizzes, which ultimately harms their GPA. Thus, studying under the tutelage of an online chemistry tutor can indeed help students boost their scores and GPA by leaps and bounds.

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Advantages of hiring

1. Round the clock support – We are available 24/7 to help you with homework assignments, quizzes, essays, discussion boards, projects, and exams.

2. Safe medium – Your phone number, email address, and other financial details are 100% safe and secure. We assure you that your IP address is not susceptible to mischief.

3. Guaranteed results – We will help you score an A or B, or your money back.

4. Customized service – Hire us to assist with your entire class or with a single assignment.

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8 Tips To Engage In MOOC programs

Top 8 Tips To Engage In MOOC programs

Tips To Engage In MOOC programs

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) offer tangible results, but they aren’t as easy as they’re made out to be. In order to make the most of these classes, follow the below tips

1. Set goals

Decide what you want from your online course – credit or subject knowledge. This will help you to stay focused and work accordingly.

2. Create a schedule

Develop your own study schedule and stick to it. Follow a routine so that you will not be sidetracked midway.

3. Connect with other students

Use forums or other social media sites to know your peers. Communicate regularly with them and motivate each other to move forward in e-learning.

4. Become an active participant

Participate regularly in forum discussions and reply to your peers’ comments as much as you can. Remember, when posting comments, be concise and stick to the point. Here are a few more tips to improve your communication skills in online classes.

5. Post your own content

Review your notes or course materials before you post on forum discussions. Once you have got a better idea of the topic, begin your discussion by posting a valuable content on your own. This will help you add value to the conversation.

6. Ask questions

If you struggle to understand someone’s point on the discussion board, do not hesitate to ask questions. When a doubt arises, seek answers immediately.

7. Be persistent

Don’t quit if the course is tough. Commit yourself right up to the end. If you are still struggling with course assessments, contact our online class help tutors today. They will help you with exams, homework, quizzes, and assignments.

8. Create a separate email address

Don’t use your personal email when you sign up for a MOOC program. You might feel overwhelmed by all of the information piling up and you could miss out some important emails. Therefore, set up a separate account for your online class.

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