Daily Workflow Guide

Online Class – Daily Workflow Guide

Online Class workflow guide

If you are an online student and do not know how to study for your online class every day, then this is for you.

Wake up early. Do exercise. Freshen up. Have a healthy breakfast. Go to your study room. Gather all your study materials. Ensure you have a steady Internet connection. Log on to your online class.

Then, the first thing you have to do is

1. Read announcements

Make a habit of reading the announcements every day. It may contain important updates, a change to the class schedule, or any piece of information you may find useful.

Usually instructors use announcements to:

• Remind students about course activities and help them stay on track

• Point external resources for reference

• Leave an audio or video message for you

So, it helps you stay informed about the upcoming assessments and the developments made in your course.

2. Check email

Instructors may have sent syllabus or files related to your course or responded to a question you have asked. Also, online students reach out to one another via email to complete group assignments together.

3. Check your grades

Check grades and your instructor’s feedback daily. It helps you track your performance in an online class. It might impel you to do better in the next assessment. And sometimes, your instructor may have asked you to redo an assignment or homework. If you find them difficult, do not hesitate to ask us- can you do my homework? We will help you complete the assignments and earn good grades.

4. Continue in the course

Start from where you left off the last time you were in class. Pay attention to the lectures. Ask your doubts instantly. Refer to various resources for additional information.

5. Complete the assignments

If the instructor assigns you a course task, try to complete on the day itself as the information is fresh in your mind. If you need any help with a homework/assignment, ask us- can you do my homework? Our expert tutors will help you complete the assignments before the deadline.

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Communication Mistakes You Are Making With Your Peers And Instructor

Communication Mistakes You Are Making With Your Peers And Instructor

online learning

Communication is key to succeed in an online course. If you communicate ineffectively, you cannot make a good impression. Emailing your instructor is not the same as emailing your best friend. You need to adopt a professional tone. Before hitting the send button, ensure you use all the essentials of good email etiquette. Remember- it’s never too late to learn. Here are some common communication issues you might be making.

Mistake #1:

Not editing your message

Check grammar, spelling, and tone before you send a message. Use a dictionary to look up any unknown word. Also read the message aloud so that you can find typos and errors.

Mistake #2:

Delivering inefficient/bad messages

I suggest you:

• Don’t use slang.

• Don’t shout (all caps) in your message.

• Don’t use more than one exclamation point. (one is enough)

• Do not ramble (write concisely)

• Don’t post the same message twice in one thread

Don’t allow your message to be misunderstood by your instructor. Proofread it before you send.

Mistake #3:

Assuming that your message has been understood

Take time to check that people have understood your message. To do so, use open-ended questions that start with “how”, “why”, or “what”. This encourages your peers to explain what they have taken from your message.

Mistake #4:

Not preparing thoroughly

Poorly prepared presentations, reports, and even vague discussion posts frustrates readers. So prepare well and communicate accordingly.

Mistake #5:

Not cheering others

It is important to respond to your peers. Allow others to express their views so that they can engage with you.

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