why Do Most Students Consider History As A Boring Subject

Why Do Most Students Consider History As A Boring Subject

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why History Consider As A Boring Subject

History is often considered a boring subject. This is probably because of Memorization.

Micheal Thomas, a Linguist, said, “Never memorize and never try to remember! What you memorize, you’ll forget. What you understand, you’ll always remember!”.

Memorization is super boring. Most students learn history by rote. It does not help during an exam. It robs your happiness away and makes you feel stressed. Memorizing dates, places, events, and names of prominent people can be boring. Rote learning is a barrier to productivity.

One of our clients, Aiden, says, “I memorized dates and events for my history exam. Sadly, my mind went blank during the test. I was disappointed with my history class.”

Problems With Rote Learning

• The more you learn by rote, the more likely you will fail miserably

You can memorize historical facts and events to get good grades. But rote learning doesn’t help for challenging assessments.

• The More You Learn By Rote, The More Likely You Will Forget

Students often study to get through the assessments and fail to understand the subject. Once you have passed the exam, almost half of the memorized stuff seems disappeared.

The blame also lies with the university’s approach towards teaching the subject. For example, Online history lecture notes are often long and tedious. They’re insipid and not read-worthy. Video lectures can be monotonous and often explained superficially.

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