Stages Of Career Development For Students

Stages Of Career Development For Students

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Stages Of Career Development
As a freshman in college or nearing graduation, you go on an educational journey of self-assessment, and career exploration. Making life changing decisions and implementing them leads to the process of your career development. By starting with just asking questions about majors or careers, to having a clear goal regarding how to achieve it, students can take personal ownership and accountability towards the meaningful career choices.

Deciding the Right Major:

The decision to choose a subject for Majors can be one of the most unsettling aspects of student life when considering higher education. There are many resources to guide students and help them decide which particular major is right for them.

Choosing A Career Path:

Once the major is selected, the next step is to chart out a plan for evaluating various jobs associated with the subject. Scheduling an interview with known people will help seek additional information around the scope of work involved. Also, it is important to keep track of upcoming career fairs and to pre-register for the same, so as to receive emails regarding the list of employers attending, positions for recruitment, web page links, on-site interviewing companies, etc.

Gaining Professional Experience:

The final stage in career development is finding access to work experience in your field. Networking is considered one of the most efficient methods to connect with prospective contacts. Family members and close friends turn out to be a great source, to help with your job search. The Faculty, staff, and alumni from your college or university can also provide useful contacts especially within your subject of interest. Social media sites are also gaining significance in establishing connections with future employers.

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