Online Syllabus Vs Traditional Syllabus

Online Syllabus Vs Traditional Syllabus

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A syllabus is a road map of a course; it contains all the details related to a course. It’s the students’ responsibility to read a syllabus in-depth and grasp all the information.

Both on-campus and online syllabi include instructor information, course description and objective, course methodology, and grade criteria. But the difference literally appears in the course methodology, grading criteria, and course policies.

Both traditional and online instructors have different expectations and policies. So you should read the syllabus carefully and review the contents on a regular basis.

Let’s see how online syllabi are different from traditional syllabi

Traditional Syllabus

Traditional syllabi are the print versions of textbooks. It provides inflexible schedules and focuses on the face-to-face lecture. It includes

  • Instructor information
  • Course description
  • Class hours
  • Academic integrity
  • Attendance policy

On-campus Syllabus

Online syllabus and traditional syllabus may vary depends on the universities or the course outline. Unlike traditional colleges, online students do not listen to the lecture for hours. Because virtual classes are all about writing and reading. It offers flexibility and convenience; so students can take the class at any time and anywhere. The virtual syllabus includes:

  • Course description
  • Course structure and requirements
  • Course participation policy
  • Assignment due dates
  • Grading criteria

Similar to an online syllabus, on-campus syllabi also has information about the instructor. You can see the instructor’s name, phone number, email address, and rarely their office hours in a traditional syllabus. So students’ can meet them personally to clear doubts before the class, after the class, or at the office during office hours. Once the course syllabus is given to students, modifications are not possible including the instructor’s office hours. However, in online learning, students’ don’t need to walk or drive to meet the instructor personally. They can contact them via live chat, email, or by the video call at any time. Also, modifications can also be done easily in online classes.

Don’t forget to review your course syllabus at least once a week. Make your own schedule and mark the assignment due dates on a calendar. Remember, communication is vital for success in an online course. So don’t hesitate to contact your instructor if you have any queries or doubts.

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