Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Online Education: Tips To Improve Communication Skills

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If you are facing communication issues in an e-learning environment, here are a few tips to help you.

Improve your tone:

In online education, communication takes place through writing. Whenever you write a post or email, do not forget to double check what you have written. Your writing should never be offensive or rude. Take the time to rewrite your posts to be sure what you have written is appropriate.

Choose your words wisely

Pick the right words when communicating with instructors and peers online. Avoid using casual words or colloquialisms. Keep your language semi-formal and polite. It will garner you more respect within the class.

Avoid knee-jerk reactions

If you find someone else’s post offensive, don’t reply in the same way. Take some time to think about how to respond. Being cordial will always show yourself in a better light.

Recognize the signs of exhaustion

Too many students post their work when they’re tired. This can lead to discussion posts or chat room conversations sounding pretty deranged. Wait until you’re awake and ready, that way the discussion you’re a part of sounds dignified and intelligent.

Set deadlines

Discussion board assignments can build up on you fast. There are a lot of them; often three to five a week. Figure out your schedule early and assign times to do the discussion posts. This will give you time to contribute thoughtful ideas to the class discussion.

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