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How To Make Every Employer Want To Hire You As An Intern?

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why every Employer like to hire as intern

An internship is an extremely valuable part of your college experience. Not many students understand that a simple summer internship could even land them their dream job in their dream company. What are the three essentials to remember when applying for internship?


Before the end of your course, you are likely to have a broad range of experiences and skills. However, you should summarize them in a way that will inspire your employers to hire you as an intern. How to tailor your resume so as to fit into the position you’re applying: the effect of tailoring your resume is massive. Read the job description carefully. Identify their requirements and make your resume sound exactly like what they’re looking. For inspiration and help, hire online class help tutors to write stellar resumes.

Cover Letter

In addition to a resume, create an impressive cover letter to go along with it. Don’t be like every average candidate submitting resumes. Go for the extra mile by stressing on why you want the position. Highlight the best points from your resume for paragraphs two and three. Do not restate what your resume says. Instead, elaborate on how your experiences would make you a valuable asset to the company. End the letter, by politely requesting for an interview and thank them for the consideration as well as show them how excited you are to hear from them.

Personal Brand

One of the first things recruiters do before they hire you is to look your name up on the internet. Are you on LinkedIn? Do you have your own website? Do things that help people understand that you are passionate about the subject. Here are a few steps to maximize your online presence.

Join LinkedIn: A social network to connect with professionals and ask for informational interviews. You can highlight your volunteer roles, organizations you’re in, and showcase your work experiences by publishing blogs. You can also have members to endorse you as well as write recommendations for you.

Clean All Social Media: Too many people don’t get hired because of what they post online. Remove anything that might be a red flag to an employer.

Create Your Own Personal Brand: With the website, you’ll be more impressive to the recruiter’s eye than the 80% of the other applicants. Sites like WordPress, Strikingly,, and Squarespace can help you build your website. Once done, add your website link to your email signature for others to learn more about you from your website.

After you finish creating your cover letter and website, ask for feedback from trusted friends.


• A resume is important, but it is the bare minimum. So write an attractive one to impress your recruiters.

• A cover letter should complement why you want the position rather than duplicating your resume.

• Build online presence to stand out from the crowd.

None of this is about perfection. It’s all about taking that first step for being the best in today’s competitive world.