How To Study Math In College: 5 Smart Study Tips For Students

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Study Math Effectively

Can you guess which is the most – complained about subject – in school and college? No surprises, there! It’s, of course, math – the most hated (and feared) subject pretty much anywhere in the world. Studies reveal that students who fear math face the highest levels of exam stress and find it tiresome to complete their homework.

Sadly, you cannot escape math. Even if you major in the Liberal Arts or Humanities, you probably have to take a couple of papers in basic mathematics, especially in your freshman year. But the truth is that math isn’t complicated – especially if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Here are some smart math study tips to ace the subject without stressing over it too much.

Tip #1: Practice, Practice & Some More Practice

Unlike other subjects you can master by reading, math requires plenty of “doing” to become an expert. You cannot expect to score good grades by just memorizing a couple of formulas the night before an exam. You need to understand the process behind each problem, which comes only with practice.

You need plenty of practice before you can level up. The more problems you practice, the better you get, especially if you’re a bit shaky with the basics. Get some practice books or find worksheets online to improve your mathematics practice.

Tip #2: Don’t Skip Homework

We needn’t have to stress – but homework is a crucial part of mastering math. Only when you complete your homework on time you learn how to apply the formulas and logic you have learned in class. Even if your professor doesn’t give extra credits for completing homework assignments, you need to make it a regular part of your practice.

And, if you’re falling behind on your course assignments, you can consider hiring online class takers to help you with your pending lessons and make it easy to catch up. Reach out to a tutoring service and request, “Can you take my online class?” Getting experts to complete your math homework helps you understand the process behind each problem, making it easier for you to master the concepts and overcome your problem areas.

Tip #3: Take Detailed Notes

Whether you attend an online or offline math lecture, make it a point to take detailed notes of the concepts explained by your professor. Don’t waste your time copying formulas you can quickly look up in your textbook. Instead, note down the tips and explanations offered by your professor. You can use your notes to help you solve complex homework problems later on.

Tip #4: Get Extra Help

Get Extra Help

Math is a cumulative subject, meaning you cannot expect to master complex concepts if you don’t have a strong foundation. If you’re falling behind in math, even after putting in the effort, it might be time to brush up on the basics. You can consider enrolling in an online math tutoring center to help you better understand topics. Alternatively, join a study group with your peers to discuss problems together and work out solutions with the help of your study buddies.

Tip #5: Finally, Believe In Yourself

Okay, this might not be an actionable tip, but you’ve got to have the right attitude to master math. If you keep on telling yourself, “I’m not good at math,” “I hate math,” “Math scares me,” you’re setting yourself to fail. It could lead to low confidence, stress and math anxiety, which prevent you from improving your math skills.