Stop Procrastination While Studying Online

How To Stop Procrastination While Studying Online

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Stop Procrastination While Studying Online

A famous quote from Abraham Lincoln says, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” To beat procrastination, you must understand the concept behind the resistance. It is something that keeps you from doing your most important work.

For example, when you need to get academic work done, but for some reason, you avoid it at all costs. Instead of studying you decide to do something else like checking Instagram or Facebook. It is because you’re so scared to do the homework. Here are some good techniques that can help to get your academic work done.

Take Action

The short and easy way to beat procrastination is to take action. To get yourself started, look at the smallest and easiest work that you can do to achieve your goal. You can break down a complex project into simpler chunks. It can help you to take baby steps and work on the things that you’ve been procrastinating.

Set Achievable Deadlines

Another important strategy is to set deadlines for each task. Take baby steps and work for a specific amount of time allotted for the project. Whenever you don’t feel like working on your assignments, give yourself some time for getting into the flow of action. Setting deadlines can help to put yourself in the flow state, where you’re super focused and work at optimal capacity.

Turn Into Brain Enhancing Music

You can listen to brain-enhancing music to set a mood. It can help you to put yourself in an intense working mode. Feel free to set the mood in your space with whatever that works for you. You can light a scented candle or clean up your desk so that you have a clear working space. Create an ideal workspace so that you have everything you need in order to get your stuff done.

Cut Out Distractions

Install Forest, an app that is based on the idea of planting a digital tree. When you set the timer for say, 30 minutes to work, you’ll start planting a tree. Now if you leave the app to check anything else on your smartphone, your digital tree begins to die. This can motivate you to get into the intense study zone for 30 minutes. The environmental aspect of the app can help you collect leaf coins which can be sponsored for planting real trees in real life.

Meditate Before You Start To Study

The last technique is to meditate before you start working. There can be so many other distractions running on your mind that don’t let you focus on your work. You may be thinking a million things at once. So meditation can help you clear your mind, calm yourself and set intentions on whatever you need to focus on. It can prime yourself to be productive and get your assignments done.

These tips can help you beat procrastination and resistance while focusing on an important task. If nothing worked, you can pay our OnlineClassHelp911 tutors to do the work for you. We have years of experience of earning top grades for online students. Call 1-800-698-3712 and ask – ‘Can you take my online class for me?’