How Does Online Learning Help

How Does Online Learning Help

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Online learning is no longer uncommon and reserved for the odd few. It is now as mainstream as conventional classroom-based learning. In fact, more than 70% of academicians in prominent universities now believe online learning to be a critical part of their long-term strategy, says a Forbes report. So why do people choose the eLearning platform and how does online learning help?


This is perhaps the most obvious of all benefits. Time places a huge limitation on people who’d like to take up a new course. For one, instructors and students have to be available at the same time to allow learning. But online learning removes these obstacles allowing everyone to participate at a time and for a duration that suits them.

Low Cost:

Tuition fees and other costs for online courses at reputed universities are almost on par with classroom-based courses. What makes online learning cheaper is the fact that students get to save on added costs like traveling, accommodation, etc. Besides, many universities have now begun to accept credits earned through free MOOCs.

Up-to-date Content:

A lot of things we’re learning now might become obsolete in a few years from now. It is very difficult for classroom-based learning to keep pace with these changes. Online learning is technology-based and hence allows students a heads-up when adapting to newer ideas and concepts.

But, there are also a few practical problems with online learning. Flexible as it may be, online learning also needs commitment. Most students signing up for online courses are either working or have a family to manage. The 10-12 hours of weekly commitment for assignments can be challenging. To help you keep on track, Online Class Help 911 offers take my online class service. Can I pay someone to take my online class? Yes, you can now hire tutors to not only complete assignments and essays for you, but take an entire online course for you!