Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You About Paid Research Paper Help

Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You About Paid Research Paper Help

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Whoever said writing research papers is easy, hasn’t ever written one! From choosing a thesis statement to researching for the right resources, organizing research material, and citing these sources, there are several stages you have to get through to be able to finally begin the writing process. And that is why online research paper help services like ours offer to do the task for you.

Online Class Help 911 is designed to help students taking online programs complete their courses. These students cannot afford full time courses because they’re either working or managing other commitments. There’s also a huge debate about the legitimacy of using our services. Some of the common arguments used against us include:

It is plagiarized content:

Plagiarism is when you fail to cite proper resources- i.e. the researcher fails to give credit to the original author. Trust me on this one- a large percentage of plagiarism happens accidentally when students (who’ve written their essay on their own) do not follow citation rules. Professional tutors at Online Class Help 911 have written thousands of essays and research papers and know how to cite resources correctly. So, in effect, your chances of turning in plagiarized content are far less when you choose us!

It is academic dishonesty:

Our services are for students of online programs, who despite their best intentions do not have the time to complete their online assignments. It is not easy to write a 3000 word essay, take their online quiz every week, come up with meaningful comments on discussion boards, and manage a full time career. The 10-15 hours that you have to set aside for your studies can drain you out emotionally and physically.

Their work is sloppy:

Really! After 5 years in academic online homework help and having written thousands of successful research papers, do you think this argument applies to us? Besides, we offer guaranteed service, i.e. if our tutors fail to score an A or B, we’ll refund your money back to you.

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