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Best Online Study Tools You Should Know About

online study tools

I have heard lots of people dish out advice before, but “You should switch off your phone before reading” is what I’ve heard most of all. Of course, it’s pretty good advice; after all, phones are easy distraction traps. But what if you could turn an ever-distracting phone into a study buddy, one that would help you prepare for quizzes and exams?

With a growing amount of irrelevant information on the internet, and with friendly advice that often falls short of the mark, it’s hard to find and learn the facts. But this article dismisses all the false information and provides clear answers to the question: “How do I turn a potential distraction into a great study tool?”

Here are some of the best online study tools you can use to sprinkle that extra spice of fun into your learning process:


This app has motivation in its name, which is fitting considering it fills a lot of students with inspiration. A lot of students struggle with motivation when completing online courses, and this app was created specifically for such students.

This app enables students to create easily accessible mind-apps, flashcards, and quizzes for themselves. Teachers as well prefer this platform. As a teacher, you have an opportunity to connect with your students through the use of peer-discussion groups, and these are great for sharing important materials like quizzes.

Students could also create learning groups for themselves, and in these, they can connect and collaborate with fellow students to produce desired results on their schoolwork. Lastly, this app will help you stay organized. With all the features and prospective benefits, this app has to offer, it’s no wonder many consider it to be one of the best online learning tools a student or teacher could use.


While studying, it’s possible to get confused along the way, especially if you have disorganized notes. Since its inception in 2007, Evernote has been known to be a great tool for students who are looking to organize important notes. With its many options and beneficial features, Evernote eliminates the difficulty that’s often associated with creating and organizing high-quality notes.

Additionally, there’s an Evernote browser plugin you could use, and many love this tool. Instead of saving multiple bookmarks, you can use the browser plugin to take screenshots on your device and save important addresses online. Best of all, the app automatically syncs your notes across all your devices; so if you make a note on a browser, it will automatically sync to your mobile app version.

StudyStack: One of the Best Online Study Tools

How soothing would it be if you could memorize things without having to do the tedious memorization techniques many recommend? Extremely so! Well with StudyStack, you can create your own personalized flashcard system. StudyStack is also a great platform for viewing how high-level students create and use detailed flashcards.

In an effort to eliminate the monotony that’s often associated with studying, this platform morphs flashcards into fun games, all the while keeping you on a memory-boosting lane. Many say that studying with flashcards is one of the best methods, and this platform makes the time-tested process even better. So if you usually pay someone to do your homework just because some concepts seem difficult to learn, you should consider using this tool to save money and earn exceptional results yourself


Some people understand new concepts better when exposed to visual representations. If you are one of these people, then HippoCampus will be a great educational tool for you, one that will provide you with real visual stimuli that virtually all students find interesting.

When you become part of the community, you get access to over 7,000 videos, and these videos deal with a range of topics, from economics and science to human relations and communication.

Khan Academy

Here is another amazing platform for online learning. This platform has discussions on virtually every topic there is, from geometry and architecture to literature and personal finance. Take advantage to excel in your academics!

Final Words

Learning never stops. Learning without a plan, however, can be a tedious, often-unrewarding process. So if you want to do the best you can in class, you should consult the platforms above on a regular basis (along with textbooks and course materials). If you take an active approach to your learning, you’re bound to succeed!

And with that, I say happy learning!

Digital learning tools

5 Best Digital Learning Tools for College Students

Technology has improved so many aspects of human life, from commerce to finance to education. Today, digital learning tools have completely revolutionized education by making learning convenient and readily accessible. The internet has a lot of stuff in terms of education and the possibilities seem to be limitless.

In fact, the idea of taking classes online and submitting assignments and project work through platforms on the internet seems to be a common one. Digital tools have transformed the learning process by making communication between the teacher and the student easier, all you simply need is a great internet connection. While these innovations have made learning easier, there are still a number of students who haven’t caught up with the vibe of online classes and digital tools. These are folks who prefer the traditional teaching atmosphere. However, there are sites on the internet that offer assistance for these set of people by offering assistance in things as simple as algebra homework help.

As earlier stated, the possibilities in this age are limitless. Hence, we did the job of collating some of the best digital learning tools for college students out of the countless numbers of them available today.  

Here they are:

Office Lens

Scans with the camera on smartphones. With this app, you can easily turn the images on whiteboards and notes of course mates into word documents, saving you the hassle of having to copy the long notes of the lectures you missed (you shouldn’t be missing lectures though). This app can be worked to be in sync with either OneNote or OneDrive, making you able to save your scanned documents with ease and efficiency.

A closely related app is Google Lens.


This is an app that makes studying so much easier. It helps reduce the stress that could be associated with studying. This app gives you access to over 500 million study materials including flashcards, study guides, and notes. Thus, making it easy for you to study anywhere!

Closely related apps include Brainscape, Cram, and Quizlet.


While studying online can be quite interesting, it could be challenging because it opens you up to a lot of distractions. You can get some SelfControl by literally downloading this app. It is a free app that basically blocks out all the websites that could distract you from studying. With SelfControl, you can set time blocks for the period of time you should be studying.


Learning does not always have to take place in the classroom. This is why platforms like Coursera were created. This digital tool offers hundreds of open online courses for anyone who wants to learn the basic understanding of a vast number of topics and subjects. Users of this platform can receive certificates for their achievements online. In some universities today, Coursera credit is recognized and students can complete the online courses as part of their degree program.

Dragon Microphone

This app provides high-quality sound to speech options, making it easy for you to turn the ideas in your head to class notes in a few seconds. With this app, students can take notes by just saying them! Isn’t that cool? Also, the Dragon Microphone app recognizes the user’s voice with time. Thus, improving the overall accuracy of the app over time.

It might be a bit laborious to put your thoughts down on paper. Sometimes, your chain of thought can be disrupted even before you find a pen. However, with this app, you can get your ideas down on time and have a workable draft that you can edit.

Final Thoughts

With these tools and many more, college students literally have no excuse when it comes to studying for excellence. If you are a college student, do not miss out on the learning opportunities these apps provide.