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I Got A “C” In College – What Do I Do Next?

Getting a “C” on an exam or paper can be a rude awakening for college students, especially if you’re used to straight A’s and the occasional B’s in high school. While it may feel disheartening, the shift in grades is entirely normal – often, it’s a ritual for students as they transition from high school […]

Study Tips For Students: How To Study Without Getting Distracted

“Help! I can’t concentrate while studying!” If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. Use this helpful study toolkit to focus and concentrate better when studying. You’ve collected your study materials and books and splurged on brand new stationery. When it’s time to get studying – You just cannot concentrate! It may be your […]

Tips To Successfully Complete Your Capstone Project

Completing a capstone project is one of the biggest nightmares for undergraduates. Unlike other research papers like a dissertation or thesis, a capstone project is more practical. It is a detailed research assignment that students must complete as part of their undergraduate or master’s degree. The primary purpose of a capstone project is to prepare […]

A+ Writing Tips For Essay Assignments In College

Varsity life is not all about sororities and fraternities. It comes with this share of hurdles and challenges. One of the biggest challenges undergraduates face in their freshman year is writing longer assignments that require critical-thinking and copious amounts of research. If you’re struggling to complete your essay assignments on time, here are five tips […]

Tips To Stay Organized In College With A Bullet Journal

Ah! College! That magical time of your life when you transition from a sheltered high school kid to an adult responsible for your studies, budgeting and living away from home. College can be pretty hectic and chaotic, especially when you’re trying to balance a fully-packed academic and social schedule while still trying to have a […]

How To Study Math In College: 5 Smart Study Tips For Students

Can you guess which is the most – complained about subject – in school and college? No surprises, there! It’s, of course, math – the most hated (and feared) subject pretty much anywhere in the world. Studies reveal that students who fear math face the highest levels of exam stress and find it tiresome to […]

5 Best Tips For College Students To Achieve Their Career Goals

We’ve all come across different types of college students – the ones who spend all four years of their undergrad years locked away in the college library. The ones who paint the town red and spend more time socializing than attending lectures. The ones who try to squeeze in college work amidst a dozen part-time […]

A Complete Guide To Online MBA Programs

If you have your decided on an online MBA, chances are that you’re trying to balance work and family with career development. Online MBA programs offer you the flexibility of completing a professional degree from the comforts of your home. It’s an excellent choice for professionals who want to complete their MBA while still working […]

5 Smart Studying Strategies You Can Use To Ace Your Finals

It’s finals week, and everyone on campus seems to be buried to their noses in their textbooks. Final exams are the last hurdles a student needs to overcome before the semester concludes and final grades are given. Preparing for finals can be a nerve-wracking experience for most college students, and students who have little time […]

How To Prepare For Your Freshman Year Of College

Transitioning from high school to college can be daunting. On the one hand, you’re probably excited to be crossing the threshold into adulthood, where you can truly see just what the world has in store for you. However, you probably will miss the familiarity and comforts of living with family for awhile. Then, there’s the […]