The Best Advice To Overcome Test Anxiety

The Best Advice To Overcome Test Anxiety

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how to  Overcome Test Anxiety

There is nothing wrong to feel a bit tensed before an exam. But some students feel test anxiety debilitating. Here’s how to cope.

What Is Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety is extreme fear and discomfort faced by a student on or before an exam. Those who are worried about their test performance often experience anxiety. Even after preparing, some students go blank. When you get your question paper, you notice that your palms are sweating. The only way out is to stay calm and take necessary steps that affect your ability.

1. Decide What To Do In Advance

Human brains don’t have to remember everything you learn at once. The more you try to keep things in your mind, the higher are the chances for you to forget everything. Prepare a checklist to review and revise concepts.

2. Find Out The Best Study Method

The technique you choose to learn has a huge effect on your grades. Simply cramming or memorizing cannot help you to recall the information every time. Instead, try to relate content with the real world. Make use of different learning styles to find out your best study method.

3. Identify Your Symptoms

It is important to recognize and understand about anxiety symptoms. Check whether you face physical symptoms like excessive sweat, headache, increase in heartbeat, dizziness, nausea. Emotional symptoms include negative thoughts, tension, irritations, feeling blank mind and comparing yourself with others.

4. Accept Failures

Intelligence cannot be defined by exams. Failing in one single test doesn’t mean that you are going to end up being a failure.

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