How To Ace Online Discussion Posts

How To Ace Online Discussion Posts

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Discussion posts can be really challenging for online students. Valid and genuine points need to be posted multiple times a week. It is like a conversation where each post should build from previous comments. You also have to expand the conversation that other students initiate. Many students approach us and ask ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class?’

Here are some tips to ace online discussion posts:

Know the purpose of discussion postings

In the classroom, students and professors discuss the content they’re covering in class. When you post on the forum, imagine yourself raising your hand in class with something worthwhile to say.

Prepare Yourself

Don’t write anything on the forum until you have done all the work leading up to the discussion — reading, assignments, research, etc.

Read the discussion posting directions carefully

Make sure you know what you are supposed to discuss about. Sometimes it is a personal response, sometimes it is a chance to absorb the material by restating the ideas presented in the reading, and sometimes the discussion board is a combination of many things. Be prepared!

Think about your point

Try to limit yourself to the topic and make sure your point is relevant. An “A+” posting will make the connection between the theories and their application.

Post early and often

Do not procrastinate posting on discussion boards. Post early. Keep in mind, however, that you should not be changing your post after you have commented. Be consistent or else the professor will think something is up.

Be nice and don’t insult others

Discussion boards are supposed to be about sharing ideas. Even if you don’t agree with another student’s response, keep your comments respectful. Be polite if you disagree and make sure you explain why.

Give meaning to your posts

Do not post empty comments like “I agree”, “me too”, “Good thought”, “well said” or any other short response to another posting. Instead, put some thoughts behind your words. Online instructors always like to see a genuine and fresh exchange of unique ideas.

Discussion posts are really important for earning good grades. If you are struggling with postings or your online class, do not hesitate to ask us, ‘Can you take my online class?’ We will ace your course or your money back.

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