stressed student suffering from homesickness

Do Online Classes Help To Deal With Homesickness? 


Spanning a spectrum of food, music, movies, games and the free will to do whatever you want whenever you want to do them; It is safe to conclude that there is no place like home. 

Sadly, you can’t get a degree overnight- you need step outside the boundaries of your walls to do so, or do you? Welcome to the mobile era where you can get a degree via online classes. Online classes help you deal with homesickness in ways that would wow you. But first…

What Does Homesickness Mean?

Homesickness is distress that occurs as a result of not being home. If you are homesick, you would have preoccupying thoughts of home and what you could be missing by being away from your house. Often times, sufferers report having bouts of depression and anxiety, which is not really a good thing.

How Do Online Classes Tackle It?

Cool Flexibility

Online classes are designed in a way to suit the student. Most online programs are taken by people with tight schedules or inadequate time to enroll in a day-school. So, it makes you choose when and where you want to have your classes, and of course, how. In fact, its flexibility is the reason over 32% of grandaunts have chosen to enroll for an online class.

To stay away from distractions, you might decide to take a trip to the library or go to the outskirts of the town to catch some fresh air; and this might increase your risk of becoming nostalgic and homesick. However, if you have enrolled in an online program, you could simultaneously catch a bus and study. Online classes would create a virtual classroom, so you don’t feel as though you are at home- even though you are!

Deal With Homesickness By Reducing Depression

An undeniable consequence of homesickness is depression. If you are away from home, a series of negative thoughts are likely to run through your mind- most times, these thoughts aren’t true. Online classes would help you utilize your time wisely; channeling it into generating more creative thoughts and ideas, ruling out negative thoughts from your mind and of course, leaving you with little or no time to be depressed. This is one of the easiest way for students to deal with homesickness.

Aside from that, online classes often involve the creation of a virtual classroom. In virtual classrooms, you get to interact with people as much as you could do if you were in a real class. The rule is simple: get to talk to people; cast feelings of loneliness into the great beyond.

Get Used To The New

Homesickness is all about attachment. We often feel homesick because our minds are attached to what we are used to- the smell of our rooms, the barking of our dogs and perhaps, some chocolates in the fridge. Online classes would help in creating a new home for you.

If you enroll for the same course as someone with similar interests as you, a bond is sure to form when you guys communicate. So, indirectly, you are forming another home for yourself. While I was away in college, I felt homesick. So, I would pay someone to write my essay and go out with friends just to develop the feeling of a new home for me. 

Homesickness also comes with the sensation of insecurity- both physically and emotionally. When you enroll in online lessons, you become free. Via the online study group chats, you become free to interact with your friends, who might later become a family. In a couple of weeks, your mind becomes redirected to your newly found friends and soon enough homesickness would become a thing of the past.

More Privacy

Homesickness is not just about missing home, it could mean being uncomfortable where we are. This feeling might result from fear of people discovering the things we wish to keep a secret. Luckily, you can shift the comfort curve by choosing how much of yourself you want people to know. Online classes offer you this.

Wrapping Up

Whenever you feel homesick, try developing a sense of control of your environment. As well, the tips above would be of excellent help.  

Digital learning tools

5 Best Digital Learning Tools for College Students

Technology has improved so many aspects of human life, from commerce to finance to education. Today, digital learning tools have completely revolutionized education by making learning convenient and readily accessible. The internet has a lot of stuff in terms of education and the possibilities seem to be limitless.

In fact, the idea of taking classes online and submitting assignments and project work through platforms on the internet seems to be a common one. Digital tools have transformed the learning process by making communication between the teacher and the student easier, all you simply need is a great internet connection. While these innovations have made learning easier, there are still a number of students who haven’t caught up with the vibe of online classes and digital tools. These are folks who prefer the traditional teaching atmosphere. However, there are sites on the internet that offer assistance for these set of people by offering assistance in things as simple as algebra homework help.

As earlier stated, the possibilities in this age are limitless. Hence, we did the job of collating some of the best digital learning tools for college students out of the countless numbers of them available today.  

Here they are:

Office Lens

Scans with the camera on smartphones. With this app, you can easily turn the images on whiteboards and notes of course mates into word documents, saving you the hassle of having to copy the long notes of the lectures you missed (you shouldn’t be missing lectures though). This app can be worked to be in sync with either OneNote or OneDrive, making you able to save your scanned documents with ease and efficiency.

A closely related app is Google Lens.


This is an app that makes studying so much easier. It helps reduce the stress that could be associated with studying. This app gives you access to over 500 million study materials including flashcards, study guides, and notes. Thus, making it easy for you to study anywhere!

Closely related apps include Brainscape, Cram, and Quizlet.


While studying online can be quite interesting, it could be challenging because it opens you up to a lot of distractions. You can get some SelfControl by literally downloading this app. It is a free app that basically blocks out all the websites that could distract you from studying. With SelfControl, you can set time blocks for the period of time you should be studying.


Learning does not always have to take place in the classroom. This is why platforms like Coursera were created. This digital tool offers hundreds of open online courses for anyone who wants to learn the basic understanding of a vast number of topics and subjects. Users of this platform can receive certificates for their achievements online. In some universities today, Coursera credit is recognized and students can complete the online courses as part of their degree program.

Dragon Microphone

This app provides high-quality sound to speech options, making it easy for you to turn the ideas in your head to class notes in a few seconds. With this app, students can take notes by just saying them! Isn’t that cool? Also, the Dragon Microphone app recognizes the user’s voice with time. Thus, improving the overall accuracy of the app over time.

It might be a bit laborious to put your thoughts down on paper. Sometimes, your chain of thought can be disrupted even before you find a pen. However, with this app, you can get your ideas down on time and have a workable draft that you can edit.

Final Thoughts

With these tools and many more, college students literally have no excuse when it comes to studying for excellence. If you are a college student, do not miss out on the learning opportunities these apps provide.