What Things Kill Productivity Most?

What Things Kill Productivity Most?

What Things Kill Productivity Most?

Are you not feeling productive enough? Here we tell you five things that are killing your productivity, so that you can eliminate them all and achieve your semester goals.


There is nothing wrong in having high standards and wanting things to be done right. The real reason why perfectionism kills your productivity is that it screws with your mind. Did you know that perfectionists are consumed with what other people think of them? They are obsessed with proving their intelligence to others. So they take actions to keep up the façade even if those actions don’t necessarily make any sense when it comes to achieving their goals.

Taking Advice From Many Resources:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused, then you have been taking advice from too many resources. It’s no wonder that you don’t know how to prepare for your upcoming exams. When you’re listening to many people online, you can’t really decide on what works best for your academic life. The problem with taking other people’s suggestions and opinions is that they are doing what’s best for them and their lifestyle. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed then stop taking advice and get to work.

Poor Energy Management Skills:

Each one of us has a unique energy pattern system. Some may have defined willpower that allows them to take seven classes at a time, work two different jobs and be involved in social activities. But not every one of us will have the same level of energy. You need to create an academic experience that matches how you function best.

Lack Oof Self-Awareness:

Self-awareness is your ability to notice your inner world; your thoughts and feelings. It helps you understand how you perceive the world around you and act accordingly. Studying or reading a paper, preparing for an exam or even taking a test are habitual actions in your academic life. Your brain has memorized on what to do in these events. When you become more self-aware, you essentially become more aware of why you procrastinate.

Over-planning and Lack of Flexibility

A plan is a guide that allows you to make decisions about certain goals. Remember that you live in a real world where things are not perfect. In order for things to work, you have to follow a scheduled plan. But you need to stop over-planning. It is important for you to allow room for flexibility. Though you may think that it might take three hours to complete your math assignments, it might actually be four hours. Overscheduling with a lot of tasks in your to-do list can disappoint you and lead to procrastination.

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