How to Write a Term Paper and Earn an A or B

How to Write a Term Paper and Earn an A or B

Term Paper

Term papers are among the most important assignments in online classes. It’s important when writing one to make sure that the content is not only well written, but well researched as well. Do you happen to be one of those students who procrastinates when it comes to such an assignment? While they are annoying to write, the fact of the matter is they have to be completed.

A term paper is basically a research paper at the end of a course or semester. It requires a lot of research as well as technical expertise and is usually assigned to evaluate students’ overall knowledge of the course. A minimum of 10 pages is usually required, as well as 5-10 sources. In all, you’re looking at about 10 hours of work.

Decide a Topic:

First decide upon a topic. This may be assigned beforehand but you might have the freedom to select a specific topic of interest. Pick something that not everyone already knows about. Find something new to talk about.


Your next goal should be to brainstorm ideas and scavenge sources. Begin by writing down any information you know about the topic. Then start looking for information from various sources. Use tools such as encyclopedias, almanacs, newspapers, historical documents, and, of course, web articles, to learn more about your topic.

Form a Thesis Statement:

After you have gathered a wide array of information, begin formulating an argument that takes a particular stance. This is called your thesis statement. Just like a topic, the thesis statement should not be too wide or too narrow. The goal of any term paper is to create a compelling argument that covers the entirety of your specific topic section.


After gathering sources and formulating a thesis statement, it’s time to outline. A term paper relies on three core elements – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Usually, the intro and the conclusion will be anywhere between half a page to a page, and the body will average around nine pages. The intro and conclusion are very important for summarizing the focal points of the paper, and you should pay as much attention to these sections as the body.

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