New Resolution To Beat Procrastination

New Year’s Resolution – Overcoming Procrastination

New Resolution To Beat Procrastination

The coming of the New Year is an excellent opportunity for you to stop becoming lazy and unmotivated. Chronic procrastination affects more than twenty percent of the entire population of the planet. It can also be the cause of many problems like high-stress levels, poor health, low grades, etc.

Our brains are attracted to the instant gratification cycle. Things that are easy and fun are more desired than the things that takes hard work and effort. This is why browsing YouTube or playing video games seems more interesting than working on your project. The brain is trained to memorize the instant gratification process and replicate it.

You have your own way of thinking and decision making. It all starts with a little bit of initiative to rewire the brain and stop procrastinating. Here are some practical methods to follow:

Self – Discipline:

Study your daily tasks in multiple tiny fragments to make it easier and more manageable. You can also set deadlines and give rewards if you achieve them. The main goal is to train your brain to follow procedures in a self-disciplined manner. Become super tough on yourself until done with your work. Fixing your mindset for the short time is vital. Find something worthwhile and positive about the work. The happier you are, the more productive you will become.

Self –Regulation:

Block access to distractions like turning off your phone or disconnecting from social media or choosing a quiet place like the library to get that work done. It requires self-regulation which is the main reason behind these problems. The best way to beat chronic procrastination is to use the Cold Turkey app that blocks distractions at scheduled times. If you follow this method, the changes in life could feel revolutionary. It will undoubtedly help in getting things done by setting deadlines.

Don’t Run From Fear:

Every student has a comfort zone. Everything outside the zone can be labeled as the unknown. As psychology teaches us, we fear what we don’t fully understand. Facing your fears is the most effective way to succeed in life. It’s important to challenge yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Tips For Writing An Incredible Essay

How To Write An Excellent Essay?

Tips For Writing An Incredible Essay

Essays are about presenting ideas in a manner that’s easy to read and allows the instructor to make sure that the student is competent in the topic. A typical essay includes a series of units that are divided into five paragraphs. Here’s a look at how the process works:

Opening Paragraph

The first and last paragraphs are the introduction and conclusion. These are going to be brief where you explain how you intend to answer the question. The opening paragraph is the only chance to make a first impression. Start with something attractive to grab the reader’s attention.

Body Paragraphs

For paragraphs two and three, you will need to demonstrate to the reader that you know what you’re talking about. These sections need to establish that everything is balanced. In an argumentative essay, the second paragraph explains the reason for the proposition, and third contains the ideas against it. In other essays, paragraphs two and three are used to share your main and subsidiary reasons.

Paragraph four is probably going to be the longest among all, where you back up all your necessary facts with good quotations. It’s where you can present your arguments in a smart, logical, ordered way. You can also add a special bit of information which is vital to your essay.

Closing Paragraph

The fifth paragraph follows naturally from the crunch. It’s the conclusion of all the discussions. So never add a new topic here. It concludes what you’ve been writing from the beginning.

How To Back Up Points?

We do this, in the form of quotations. It is something which has been routinely misused in the past. We are told not to plagiarize instead attribute the quotations; it’s important to tell people where you got the quote from. Imagine if you got six brilliant quotations, but have only limited time to complete your essay. In such cases picking the right quote and placing it in the proper context adds value. To quote, you will have to remember three essential points – the sentence to establish a quotation, double quotes, and author. If you have used the right quotation in the right place, then you’re going to win the essay.

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