Plagiarism in Assignment Writing

Plagiarism in Assignment Writing

how to check Plagiarism in Assignment Writing

Plagiarism in the academic world is considered a grave and punishable misdemeanor. Many students today believe that plagiarism is an easy option to complete homework when they are running short of time or are looking for an easy way out. The advent of the Internet has made it all the more tempting since all the information required for an assignment is available at one’s fingertips. Students can easily get lured by the plagiarism trap while researching for a paper, writing an essay or when working on an article.


• Lack of time management skills and procrastination can lead them to believe that plagiarism is the only choice left for last minute assignment completion.

• Poor understanding of plagiarism rules and the related university policies leads to students using it more often.

• Disinterest in studies and assuming the penalties of cheating as inconsequential.

• Acquiring good grades in a difficult subject

• International students having trouble communicating in English

• Dishonorable intentions and overconfidence

• Fear of failure or fear of taking risks in their original work

By using the work of another writer, students who plagiarize get an unfair advantage over others who have worked honestly on their assignments. Such instances show disrespect towards others genuine hard work. If caught in acts of plagiarism, the student may face dire consequences such as zero grades on assignments, tarnished academic reputation and even expulsion from universities. Rather than putting your academic reputation at stake, it’s better to take online class help from the experts! Our tutors have access to some of the best resources in the world. This, along with their experience in academic writing can ensure that you get good grades for your homework. We guarantee 100% original content!

Acquiring a college degree means that you have mastered the skills by going through the paces and completing your research, passing all your papers and exams. Students who plagiarize cannot develop the research and writing skills that are expected of them when they enter the job force. The inferior skills eventually become evident in the work place. It’s best to take an online class and understand how to create original content.

Try These Tips To Beat Procrastination

Try These Tips To Beat Procrastination

Try These Tips To Beat Procrastination

Are you easily distracted? You aren’t alone! Procrastination is one of the most common problems affecting productivity. Whether you are planning to work on an assignment, or preparing for a test, here is how the pomodoro technique can help you tackle procrastination.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a simple time management strategy created by Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique involves focusing on a single task for 25-minutes followed by a five-minute break. The name originates from the Italian word for tomato.

How To Use The Pomodoro Technique?

Step 1: Pick one specific task that you have to deal with.

Step 2: Once you have chosen a task, set a timer for 25 minutes. Work as intensely as you can on that specific project for 25 minutes.

Step 3: You may be tempted to divert your attention towards other tasks while working. Keep a pen and paper handy to note down these tasks so that they can be managed after you are done with the task at hand.

Step 4: Reward your effort with a five minute break at the end of the said 25 minutes. Repeat this at least three time. Take a longer break after you have completed the task, or after four consecutive Pomodoro sessions.

Why Is It Effective?

The technique is effective because of the following three reasons:

• It instills self-discipline. The timer enforces your commitment, thus increases your chances of completing a task. It also helps you keep track of time.

• The technique helps us reframe a task, in the sense that you are asked to focus on input rather than the output. This shift in attitude may seem subtle, but psychologists believe that worrying about the output is one of the main reasons for procrastination.

• Writing about the things that distract you ensures that you don’t swipe them away, but rather acknowledge them and assign due importance when required.

Ways To Improve The Technique

Use these tips to make the technique even more effective:

• You can integrate the Pomodoro Technique with other productivity tools and techniques. For example, Cold Turkey Writer is an application that prevents you from focusing on anything else until the desired word count is reached.

• Before you begin a pomodoro session, adopt a concept from the culinary world. Just as a chef does not begin cooking until he has everything he needs to cook on hand, do not attempt a task until you have the required material to begin a task.

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Everything You Must Know About Online Discussion Board

Everything You Must Know About Online Discussion Board

Online Discussion Board

Discussion boards are an important online assessment component because students and instructors get to share and exchange ideas. Here’s all that you wanted to know about them:

What Is An Online Discussion Board?

Discussion boards are one of the most regularly used tools in online education. It is a virtual platform where people analyze an issue by posting their thoughts, react to different posts and asking questions. An online discussion board is managed through the campus’ learning management system (LMS) or by using online tools like Google Hangouts.

Advantages Of An Online Discussion Board

Advantages of an online discussion board include:

• It fosters interaction between instructors and students.

• It helps students polish their communication skills through healthy debates and encourages them to write a reflective response. It also helps them understand different perspectives.

• It gives every student a space to voice their opinion. Students who are usually quiet in the classroom get an opportunity to improve their communication skills.

Tips To Ace An Online Discussion Board

Some of the rules you should follow during a discussion, include:

Read Instructions

To ensure effective participation you will have to begin by reading and following the educator’s instructions. Read them to know – how to post regularly, what to add, and how to respond to posts.

Post Valid Points

When posting an opinion in an online forum, students should add relevant points from credible sources. Students are encouraged to contribute to a point or offer valuable criticism. These views should not be biased or based on personal prejudice.

Initiate By Asking Questions

If an assignment is difficult to understand, online students can initiate the discussion by asking questions to a teacher or a student.

Be Careful With The Content

Even though professors are very friendly, students should not use SMS language or slang. Educators want their students to communicate in formal English. The use of emojis and other messaging formats looks unprofessional.

Reasons Why Students Do Not Participate Effectively

Even though online forums are intended to help students, it may not produce the desired effect on some. This is because they either find the topic boring, or do not understand the importance of participating in an online forum.

If you are an online student without the time or energy to manage discussion boards, or are new to the country, we suggest that you contact us! Paying someone to – take an online class or participate in a discussion board is so much better than feeling stressed….

How To Achieve Excellence In The Work You Do?

How To Achieve Excellence In The Work You Do?

How To Achieve Excellence

Everyone in this world has the potential to do whatever they want to achieve in life. But most of us fail to pursue personal excellence. Here’s how you can start:

Strive For Excellence

Do you want to achieve excellence for you or for others? Do something that you love; it helps you stay motivated! Do not waste time doing something that you do not love or do not want to do.

Aim For The Best

Compare yourself to those who are the best in your professional. Read as much as you can about them. What was their aim? How did they manage to achieve things? Set your aim high!

Believe In Yourself

Self-belief is the key principle to achieving great things in life. Having faith in yourself can help you accomplish what you deserve out of life.

Construct Solid Technique And Plans

Do not set goals without a proper plan. When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Opening yourself to challenging situations can empower you to learn things which may help you to become successful in life.

Work Hard

Working hard is the cornerstone to accomplishing your goals. Without hard work, your goals will fail.


Focus on things that are essential for success. It not only helps you in your academic life, but helps ensure success in your professional life as well. This focus can you in problem solving and decision making throughout your entire life.

Be Flexible

Adaptability is one of the primary sources of strength toward perfection. Change is unavoidable.

Never Give Up

Keep in mind that the game is never over unless you acknowledge failure. As long as you continue to try, you will continue to move toward your dreams.

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