Improve Your Communication Skills By Learning A New Language

Improve Your Communication Skills By Learning A New Language

Communication Skills learning technique

Summer break is an excellent time to learn new languages and improve your communication skills. Here’s how you make learning fun and interesting.

Must Have A Clear Goal

Why do you want to learn the language? Is it because you are planning to travel abroad? Do you want to improve communication with a friend or family member who speaks that language? Tie the learning process to a goal. Remember, the objective should be good enough to keep you motivated. You may be tempted to quit when things become stressful. But, a definite goal can help you push through.

Find Out Your Competitor

Healthy competition is good when it comes to studies. Our innate desire to compare ourselves with others can motivate us to accept new challenges. Good competitors can encourage you to learn better.

Talk To Yourself

Self-practice is the best way to learn a language. Whenever you are alone, talk to yourself in the new language and record it. Replay it, again and again, to check for pronunciation. Rather than reading the textbook, try communicating in the new language with others on a daily basis.

Enjoy The Language

Find out something entertaining to enjoy your learning process. The language settings in your mobile phone or laptop can help. Try watching movies and shows in the foreign language with subtitles to understand better. Become a good listener when you converse with a native speaker.

Get An Online Personal Tutor

Hire an online tutor to understand the nuances of the language.

Language Learning Apps

Make use of the popular applications to learn a foreign language. Anki, Duolingo, Memrise, ATi Studios, Google Translate, Phrasebook, busuu, Rosetta Stone and Babbel are some of the best tools for both Android and iPhone OS.

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The Best Advice To Overcome Test Anxiety

The Best Advice To Overcome Test Anxiety

how to  Overcome Test Anxiety

There is nothing wrong to feel a bit tensed before an exam. But some students feel test anxiety debilitating. Here’s how to cope.

What Is Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety is extreme fear and discomfort faced by a student on or before an exam. Those who are worried about their test performance often experience anxiety. Even after preparing, some students go blank. When you get your question paper, you notice that your palms are sweating. The only way out is to stay calm and take necessary steps that affect your ability.

1. Decide What To Do In Advance

Human brains don’t have to remember everything you learn at once. The more you try to keep things in your mind, the higher are the chances for you to forget everything. Prepare a checklist to review and revise concepts.

2. Find Out The Best Study Method

The technique you choose to learn has a huge effect on your grades. Simply cramming or memorizing cannot help you to recall the information every time. Instead, try to relate content with the real world. Make use of different learning styles to find out your best study method.

3. Identify Your Symptoms

It is important to recognize and understand about anxiety symptoms. Check whether you face physical symptoms like excessive sweat, headache, increase in heartbeat, dizziness, nausea. Emotional symptoms include negative thoughts, tension, irritations, feeling blank mind and comparing yourself with others.

4. Accept Failures

Intelligence cannot be defined by exams. Failing in one single test doesn’t mean that you are going to end up being a failure.

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5 Things No One Taught You About Studying

5 Things No One Taught You About Studying

online exam

No matter how good are you at studies, there are times when you may feel bored and tired. At times, you will need a little push in the form of motivational techniques. It makes the learning process more enjoyable. Here’s what you need to know about bringing back the joy in learning:

Listen To Pleasant Music

Everything can be fun if you can concentrate while listening to music. A song playing in the background can help you improve your memory. Some music lovers even remember concepts by setting them to their favorite tune. The melody and rhyme helps them store facts, figures, and concepts. You can recollect the song and the concept easily.

Use Interactive Online Learning

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Invest In Good Quality Stationery

Fancy stationery can be tempting enough to force you to complete assignments. Start with some basics like a good study table, different colored markers, post- its, pencils, and an interesting inspiration-board.

Design Educational Posters

You can design posters based on what you learn each day and hang it in your study room. It should be designed in such a way that it not only illustrates the workflow with colorful diagrams but also outlines and highlights the point of focus. You can use attractive colors, shapes, and symbols, typographic fonts, creative illustrations, graphic elements, etc.

Role Play

Role play may seem silly, but it works perfectly for English essays and History War lessons. The creative aspect of the exercise motivates students to interact with others and grasp a new study method.

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Common Study Problems

7 Common Study Problems

Common Study Problems

Every student has gone through difficult times when it comes to studying. Various issues whether they are temporary or long term can afflict students at any stage in their education thereby derailing them from their educational goals. Overcoming the learning challenges can get easier if we can understand the underlying problems.

Multiple Distractions:

Today lives have been completely taken over by gadgets and social media, leading to the student’s inability to focus on studies. To overpower such distractions, its best to eliminate weaknesses like the phone, the Internet, and the television from your workspace. Consider studying in the peace of a library and limit socializing to weekends.

Lack of Resources:

Effective learning relies mainly on having access to the right resources, from important books, laptops, and stationery to sometimes even a teacher to discuss the subject. Reaching out to the teachers, family, and friends for any help in acquiring the much-needed things will aid your studying.

Low Motivation:

Low motivation can decrease your internal drive. Stress, health issues, dislike towards a subject or teachers can lead to a downward spiral making it hard to gain the desired qualifications. The right diet, motivational quotes, and help from classmates and educators or taking an online class will spur you on to a better state of mind enabling you to tackle your problem head-on.

Losing Focus:

Lack of concentration in students seems widespread and one of the major problems that can cause a dramatic drop in productivity. To improve focus and avoid procrastination, try to calm your mind before you start working. Writing the problem down on paper, or talking to someone, especially a school counselor about it and regular exercise may help to give you a more manageable perspective.

Dislike Subjects:

Sometimes students find it difficult to connect with a subject that they find boring or pointless and an uninspiring teacher can lead to an active hatred towards it, causing a significant impact on their success. A change of mindset and keeping a longer-term goal will help in getting better and confident in the subject.

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