Challenges Faced By Online Students

5 Challenges Faced By Online Students

Challenges Faced By Online Students

Though online classes seem convenient for students, there are a few problems they face. Here are some tips to help you cope:

1. Adaptability Issues

First-time students struggle to adapt in an e-learning environment. There is no face-to-face teaching and in-person collaboration. Unlike traditional colleges, online students have to read and understand the material without a professor to explain the finer nuances related to the subject. So learning will be difficult for students who lack reading comprehension. However, they should accept the new learning circumstances with an open heart and an open mind. By understanding the benefits of e-learning, students can change their traditional mindset and can tweak themselves into a virtual environment.

2. Technical Issues

Some students do not have access to high –speed internet and may struggle to access their course materials. Some encounter a sudden crash of OS or computer that may drive them up the wall. Occasionally, video lectures are interrupted midway. Virus may corrupt computer files. Downloading and accessing course materials become difficult because of lack of software. So, before beginning the course, check system performance and your internet connection. Also, make sure you have all the required software and hardware.

3. Computer Literacy

Lack of computer literacy is a common problem among many online students. Some struggle to operate basic application software like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Many do not know to troubleshoot common computer errors/problems/issues. However, technological proficiency is essential in an e-learning environment as it allows to handle files without struggling.

4. Time Management

Most online students are working professionals. Their commitments/obligations may vary every day. They struggle to balance their job, family, and course assessments. Many fail to meet homework deadlines. A daily schedule would help them to stay on track. Also, try setting reminders on mobile phones about your course assignments.

5. Self-motivation

Online classes are all about self-learning. Your instructor explains superficially but not in detail. No one is around to clear your doubts about homework. You need to make an all-out effort to succeed in your course assessments. To ace your course with good grades, you have to either motivate yourself throughout the course or ask us, ‘can I pay someone to take my online class’. We will earn an A or B for you.

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why Do Most Students Consider History As A Boring Subject

Why Do Most Students Consider History As A Boring Subject

why History Consider As A Boring Subject

History is often considered a boring subject. This is probably because of Memorization.

Micheal Thomas, a Linguist, said, “Never memorize and never try to remember! What you memorize, you’ll forget. What you understand, you’ll always remember!”.

Memorization is super boring. Most students learn history by rote. It does not help during an exam. It robs your happiness away and makes you feel stressed. Memorizing dates, places, events, and names of prominent people can be boring. Rote learning is a barrier to productivity.

One of our clients, Aiden, says, “I memorized dates and events for my history exam. Sadly, my mind went blank during the test. I was disappointed with my history class.”

Problems With Rote Learning

• The more you learn by rote, the more likely you will fail miserably

You can memorize historical facts and events to get good grades. But rote learning doesn’t help for challenging assessments.

• The More You Learn By Rote, The More Likely You Will Forget

Students often study to get through the assessments and fail to understand the subject. Once you have passed the exam, almost half of the memorized stuff seems disappeared.

The blame also lies with the university’s approach towards teaching the subject. For example, Online history lecture notes are often long and tedious. They’re insipid and not read-worthy. Video lectures can be monotonous and often explained superficially.

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Tips To Improve Your Grades In Online Classes

13 Tips To Improve Your Grades In Online Classes

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Discipline and self-motivation matter to succeed in online classes. The below tips will help to immerse yourself in a course, manage your time wisely and balance all your commitments.

1. Choose the right course

Find out what you are really interested in. Think twice about the course you want to study.You will stay motivated throughout the course.

2. Read the class requirements and syllabus

Read the syllabus carefully. Understand the course objectives and the grading policies. Make sure what the course will cover. Purchase textbooks, if required.

3. Make a list of due dates

Note the important due dates on a calendar or desktop. Organize your schedule weekly and make a priority list for assignments that are due that week.

4. Create a schedule and stick to it

Make a study plan and choose a specific time to study. It will help you to stay organized throughout the course. Routine certainly helps with proficiency.

5. Put Your Dreams and Goals in Writing

Don’t bail out midway. Note down your goals on a sticky note and paste it on a wall. It helps you remember your ambition and dreams.

6. Select a Study Space

In online classes, a quiet environment keeps you focused. This could either be a garage, an attic, a basement, coffee shop, or a park. Choose a place that suits your study style.

7. Find the right learning style for you

A right learning style helps to remember things better. You can learn better by taking notes, hearing music, and through mind maps, flashcards, etc.

8. Effective Time Management

Time management is a vital part of success in online education. Set aside time for an online class, job, and family. If you are struggling with tight job commitments, hire our take my online class help services. We’ll take your entire class and earn a degree for you.

9. Improve your note-taking skills

Take notes. Don’t scrawl. You will remember and recollect well when you take notes in your own handwriting.

10. Stop procrastinating

Procrastinating affects your grades. If you find yourself puting off something, ask us, ‘can you take my online class’. We will meet all your deadlines.

11. Allow plenty of time for revision

Spend your spare time by revising what you have studied up to now. You will remember them well.

12. Participate in discussions

Post often on discussion boards and don’t forget to respond to your peer’s posts, views, or ideas. It is a great way to connect with your online classmates.

13. Use Downtime Wisely

You won’t get instant feedback or response in online classes. Don’t waste time by playing games or watching television while you’re waiting for a response. Use time to work on pending or next week’s assignments.

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How To Succeed In An Online Economics Course

How To Succeed In An Online Economics Course

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Economics is all about decision-making, analytical and critical thinking. It helps you to decide how much to save, how to spend and invest money. An economics course is crucial for those interested in a career in finance:

Here are a few tips to succeed in an economics class

Do not Memorize

Economics is not about memorizing all the things you have read in books. If you learn by rote, facts that you have learned will be forgotten in a couple of months. So, don’t waste your time by rote learning.

The course mainly teaches economic principles related to consumer demand, and determination of prices of goods, and factors of production in different markets. You can’t apply these principles in real-world by memorizing, but only through understanding.

Study practically

Learn for an hour and surf for 2 hours on the internet on research. Watch videos on YouTube for better understanding.

Do course assessments regularly

Economic theories cannot be studied a day prior to the test – you need time to understand its practical implications. If you take the class without completing pending homework assignments, you will be lost. Do all your assessments regularly. They are not meant to irritate you but helps you to understand new economics skills, and to prepare you for the semester.

Study keenly

Read the assigned readings again and again till you grasp the point. If you take the class without a clear understanding of the previous topic, you are likely to get lost. Spent time in reading discussion posts or course materials.

Ask questions

Demand an answer to a question in live chat if you don’t understand something. Don’t hesitate to ask a question. If you have doubt, it is very likely that some of your peers have the same, but don’t dare to ask. If nobody asks questions, your instructor assumes that everyone understands the material, and will go on to the next topic.

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Online Syllabus Vs Traditional Syllabus

Online Syllabus Vs Traditional Syllabus

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A syllabus is a road map of a course; it contains all the details related to a course. It’s the students’ responsibility to read a syllabus in-depth and grasp all the information.

Both on-campus and online syllabi include instructor information, course description and objective, course methodology, and grade criteria. But the difference literally appears in the course methodology, grading criteria, and course policies.

Both traditional and online instructors have different expectations and policies. So you should read the syllabus carefully and review the contents on a regular basis.

Let’s see how online syllabi are different from traditional syllabi

Traditional Syllabus

Traditional syllabi are the print versions of textbooks. It provides inflexible schedules and focuses on the face-to-face lecture. It includes

  • Instructor information
  • Course description
  • Class hours
  • Academic integrity
  • Attendance policy

On-campus Syllabus

Online syllabus and traditional syllabus may vary depends on the universities or the course outline. Unlike traditional colleges, online students do not listen to the lecture for hours. Because virtual classes are all about writing and reading. It offers flexibility and convenience; so students can take the class at any time and anywhere. The virtual syllabus includes:

  • Course description
  • Course structure and requirements
  • Course participation policy
  • Assignment due dates
  • Grading criteria

Similar to an online syllabus, on-campus syllabi also has information about the instructor. You can see the instructor’s name, phone number, email address, and rarely their office hours in a traditional syllabus. So students’ can meet them personally to clear doubts before the class, after the class, or at the office during office hours. Once the course syllabus is given to students, modifications are not possible including the instructor’s office hours. However, in online learning, students’ don’t need to walk or drive to meet the instructor personally. They can contact them via live chat, email, or by the video call at any time. Also, modifications can also be done easily in online classes.

Don’t forget to review your course syllabus at least once a week. Make your own schedule and mark the assignment due dates on a calendar. Remember, communication is vital for success in an online course. So don’t hesitate to contact your instructor if you have any queries or doubts.

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