How To Score An A For Your Essays

Write My Essay: How To Score An A For Your Essays

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It goes without saying that almost every student strives to earn an A for his assignment. Unsurprisingly, not many manage to make it. What if I told you that it is easy to score an A for your essay assignments? It is easy, provided you follow a few golden rules:

Start Early:

Essay writing involves critical evaluation of the topic and arguing about your views in a convincing manner. This takes time and thorough understand of the topic at hand. Needless to say, all of this takes time. Make sure that the assignment deadline is marked in bold and set a few hours every day for research. An A grade on your essay is the result of meticulous research and a strong thesis.

Pay Attention To Citations:

A large number of students caught for plagiarized content are innocent. The part where they go wrong is that their essays are not cited and referenced as per instructions given by the university. Quoting your sources is very important to produce a good quality essay.

Proofread and Edit:

Those minor spelling mistakes and grammar errors can be cause for huge embarrassment. And remember to proofread and edit the content not once, but twice. The second revision should be a few days/hours after you’ve proofread for the first time. This allows you to evaluate with a fresh perspective.

You could either do all of this, or pay us to write professional quality essays. Can you really write my essay? Yes, we can! In fact, our experts have been writing them for so many years now that we can do it on short notice as well. And we’ll promise to earn good grades as well.

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Tips To Help You Write An Essay In The Eleventh Hour

Tips & Tricks To Help You Write An Essay In The Eleventh Hour

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Deadline junkie or not, there will always be times when online students have to complete their online assignments just hours before the cut-off date. Rigorous schedule apart, online students have to juggle work and other social commitments. If you find yourself behind schedule for an essay, here’s how to pull it off:

Before you begin, get into the right mindset:

And that includes switching off your smartphone, deactivating (temporarily) social media accounts, getting off YouTube, and every other channel that distracts you. This isn’t the time to read about the friend who’s posting every five minutes, or raise cows on Farmville (yes, this stupid game has its share of fans). If a panic attack threatens to sabotage your efforts, remind yourself that there’s enough time left- many fine things can be done in a day unless that day is ‘tomorrow’.

Leave the introduction and summary to last:

As vague as this may sound, it makes perfect sense, because introductions and summations are the hardest to write. Trust me; this simple trick will help you save lots of time. Both of these tasks will be easier once you’ve written the essay and understand the flow of the content.

Don’t use an essay generator:

Unless you want to set yourself up for an F, do not use an essay generator. Some of them are free and claim to use the latest software. But a quick check will reveal that the content is plagiarized and hence unusable. Some of these essay generator sites are so silly; they should come with a forewarning.

Hire us:

You could either do/avoid all of the above, or use our essay writing services. Our expert tutors can help you earn an A or B for the essay. We ensure that the content is properly references and cited according to instructions given by the university.

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Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You About Paid Research Paper Help

Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You About Paid Research Paper Help

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Whoever said writing research papers is easy, hasn’t ever written one! From choosing a thesis statement to researching for the right resources, organizing research material, and citing these sources, there are several stages you have to get through to be able to finally begin the writing process. And that is why online research paper help services like ours offer to do the task for you.

Online Class Help 911 is designed to help students taking online programs complete their courses. These students cannot afford full time courses because they’re either working or managing other commitments. There’s also a huge debate about the legitimacy of using our services. Some of the common arguments used against us include:

It is plagiarized content:

Plagiarism is when you fail to cite proper resources- i.e. the researcher fails to give credit to the original author. Trust me on this one- a large percentage of plagiarism happens accidentally when students (who’ve written their essay on their own) do not follow citation rules. Professional tutors at Online Class Help 911 have written thousands of essays and research papers and know how to cite resources correctly. So, in effect, your chances of turning in plagiarized content are far less when you choose us!

It is academic dishonesty:

Our services are for students of online programs, who despite their best intentions do not have the time to complete their online assignments. It is not easy to write a 3000 word essay, take their online quiz every week, come up with meaningful comments on discussion boards, and manage a full time career. The 10-15 hours that you have to set aside for your studies can drain you out emotionally and physically.

Their work is sloppy:

Really! After 5 years in academic online homework help and having written thousands of successful research papers, do you think this argument applies to us? Besides, we offer guaranteed service, i.e. if our tutors fail to score an A or B, we’ll refund your money back to you.

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How Does Online Learning Help

How Does Online Learning Help

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Online learning is no longer uncommon and reserved for the odd few. It is now as mainstream as conventional classroom-based learning. In fact, more than 70% of academicians in prominent universities now believe online learning to be a critical part of their long-term strategy, says a Forbes report. So why do people choose the eLearning platform and how does online learning help?


This is perhaps the most obvious of all benefits. Time places a huge limitation on people who’d like to take up a new course. For one, instructors and students have to be available at the same time to allow learning. But online learning removes these obstacles allowing everyone to participate at a time and for a duration that suits them.

Low Cost:

Tuition fees and other costs for online courses at reputed universities are almost on par with classroom-based courses. What makes online learning cheaper is the fact that students get to save on added costs like traveling, accommodation, etc. Besides, many universities have now begun to accept credits earned through free MOOCs.

Up-to-date Content:

A lot of things we’re learning now might become obsolete in a few years from now. It is very difficult for classroom-based learning to keep pace with these changes. Online learning is technology-based and hence allows students a heads-up when adapting to newer ideas and concepts.

But, there are also a few practical problems with online learning. Flexible as it may be, online learning also needs commitment. Most students signing up for online courses are either working or have a family to manage. The 10-12 hours of weekly commitment for assignments can be challenging. To help you keep on track, Online Class Help 911 offers take my online class service. Can I pay someone to take my online class? Yes, you can now hire tutors to not only complete assignments and essays for you, but take an entire online course for you!