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Do My Homework: 3 Tricks That Help You Cheat Homework

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A majority of online students are juggling work and studies. They’re working fulltime, managing family commitments, and study in whatever little time they get. Social life becomes close to inexistent. If you’re like me, you are a stressed out student looking for help, here are three tricks that help you cheat your homework.

Wolfram Alpha:

This isn’t free, but at less than $3, it is a steal. The app is often used by students taking up Math at higher levels. It offers a step by step guide to topics like advanced calculus, differential equations, etc. It also help students understand the concept in detail without stressing them out.

Homework Helper:

Homework Helper is free. This app allows students to crowd source help from others or look for answers for their homework. You can either post a picture of the homework, or type them on the Homework Helper online forum. Participants coming up with the right answer get e-coins which can be used to purchase things like iPhone and laptops. The app has registered around 5 million downloads- the count seems to be on the increase.


As the name suggests, this app allows students to take photos of their homework. The app produces step by step solutions for the problem and is free for now. It was initially developed for weak students needing help with math. But, given the popularity, there’s little doubt about the reason why students choose PhotoMath.

These apps definitely help you with homework. But none of them guarantee good grades. If you are looking for an A or B, Online Class Help 911 offers the best solution. All that you’ve got to ask is, ‘can you do my homework’ and we’ll be there to help you. From taking tests for you to write essays and projects, taking quizzes and participating on discussion boards, we do it all for you!